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Mobility Master


Mobility Master
Managed Device (e.g., a controller)
Campus AP
Remote AP
Instant AP

MDC (md-connect) to an MD

First, find out which MD an AP is on:

  1. (ArubaMM) [mynode] # show ap database | include greenhouse
  2. (ArubaMM) [mynode] # cd cam4
  3. (ArubaMM) [ab:cd:ef:12:34:56] # mdc

Access Points

Show AP Details

(Cam4) [MDC] # show ap details ap-name

Show AP Config

(Cam4) [MDC] # show ap config ap-name

Show AP Port Status

(Cam4) [MDC] # show ap debug port status ap-name

Move AP to a different group

This will reboot the AP.

(ArubaMM) [mynode] # ap-regroup wired-mac [MAC address] [AP Group]

Show down AP's

(ArubaMM) [mynode] # show ap database long status down

Show Unprovisioned AP's

(ArubaMM) [mynode] # show ap database long unprovisioned

Factory Reset an AP, remotely

(ArubaMM) [mynode] # provision-ap reset-bootinfo [ip-addr|wired-mac]

Delete an AP from AP database

(ArubaMM) [mynode] # clear gap-db ap-name [ap-name] OR clear gap-db wired-mac [mac address]

Terminal Full-Access on an AP

Disable AP Console Protection in the AP System, if needed

At the AP's console prompt (~ #): hit ESC and then CTRL-K


Show a user in the global user table

(ArubaMM) [mynode] # show global-user-table list name [username]

Delete a user from the user db

Obtain Client MAC and Current Switch from global user table (above). Then run in MDC:

(Cam3) [MDC] # aaa user delete mac [MAC address]

Show VLAN Derivation

Obtain Client IP and Current Switch from global user table (above). Then run in MDC:

(Cam3) [MDC] # show aaa debug vlan user ip [client-ip]

Debug User Auth Issues

  1. config t
  2. logging level debugging security process authmgr
  3. logging level debugging security subcat aaa
  4. wr mem
  5. show log security 50

Packet Capture

The Controlpath contains packets destined for the MD. The Datapath contains packets that are being forwarded by the controller, i.e., packets from a wireless client.

Receive packet-capture from Aruba Controller

Aruba controller sends the remote packet-capture GRE-encapsulated.

  1. On receiving box (e.g., sudo tcpdump -ni ens224 proto gre -w capture.pcap
  2. On controller: packet-capture destination ip-address
  3. On controller: packet-capture datapath ipsec
  4. On controller, when done: no packet-capture datapath ipsec

Cluster Redundancy

Check for Cluster L2 Redundancy

Must be executed on an MD that is part of a cluster; not on the MM.

show lc-cluster vlan-probe status

Exclude a VLAN from L2 Redundancy Check

Must be individually added to the config of every md in the cluster.

lc-cluster exclude-vlan "1,1607"

Convert CAP to IAP


Campus AP Keeps Rebooting / Upgrade Failed

If a Campus AP keeps rebooting, and its serial console output shows:

SAPD: Reboot after image upgrade failed: 65280

Interrupt the AP boot and execute:

 apboot> osinfo
 Partition 0 does not contain a valid OS image
 Partition 1:
     image type: 0
   machine type: 40
           size: 7211308
   build string: ArubaOS version for 32x (p4build@cyprus) (gcc version 4.6.3 20120201 (prerelease) (Linaro GCC 4.6-2012.02) ) #49847 SMP Thu Apr 30 14:49:32 PDT 2015
          flags: preserve factory
            oem: aruba
 Image is signed; verifying checksum... passed
 Signer Cert OK
 Policy Cert OK
 RSA signature verified.

This means the problem is the old firmware. You need to clear it:

apboot> clear all Checking OS image and flags Invalid image format version: 0x0 Continuing with OS clear 512 bytes written to volume aos0 Erasing flash sector @ 0x3a0000...OK

Device 0: nand0... is now current device Erasing UBIFS ...OK Remove UBI volume ubifs (id 0) Creating dynamic volume ubifs of size 63361024 Device 1: nand1... is now current device

Now tell the AP to boot and it should find mama (the Master):

apboot> boot




Restart AirWave services



Monitor services

Useful after a restart.


tailf service_watcher

Find large files

find / -type f -size +1000M | xargs du -h | sort -nr

Delete kernel log file

truncate -s 0 kernel