Cisco NX-OS

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Show Interfaces

 show int status
 show int description

Add an Allowed VLAN to an Interface

Don't forget add, unless you want to blow away all existing VLANs allowed on the interface

 interface e 1/25
   switchport trunk allowed vlan add 1635

Show MAC Table for a VLAN

 show mac address-table vlan 3

Clear an Entry from the MAC Table

 clear mac address-table dynamic address c0c5.20a3.3f25

Virtual Port Channels

Show vPC Info

 show vpc br

Show vPC Inconsistencies

 show vpc consistency-parameters vpc 7

vPC Config


 interface port-channel2
   description ResNet1
   switchport mode trunk
   switchport trunk allowed vlan 163,171,220,230,241-246,2100-2117,2360
   mtu 9216
   vpc 2