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"Petro" - Jim's 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo


Build Date0000-00-00
Engine2.8L 217HP Turbocharged I4
Transmission5-Speed Manual Transmission
Fuel Tank0 L / 0 gal

Parts & Capacities

Lug Nuts
Oil0 L / 0 gal
MANN W 719/22 filter
CoolantApprox. 8,2 U.S. qts. or 7,8 liters. Factory filled to -31°F (-35°C). Only use phosphate-free anti-freeze containing ethylene glycol recommended for aluminum engines and radiators.
Air Filter engine
Fuel FilterMANN WK 726
Spark Plug0.7 mm gap
PCV Valve
Drive Belt


Curb Weight1360 kg / 2998 lb
GVWR1645 kg / 3626 lb
GCWR0 kg / 0 lb
Max Tow0 kg / 0 lb
Length4290 mm / 168 in
Width1735 mm / 68 in
Height1275 mm / 50 in
Wheelbase2400 mm / 94 in
Ground Clearance120 mm / 4 in

Maintenance Records

Date Mileage Service Notes
2021-07-24 164483 Oil Change Valvoline 20W-50 VR1 oil and MANN filter.
2021-04-17 164164 Replaced A/C Compressor Remanufactured Denso, purchased from 944Store in Lawrenceville, GA. This did not fix the A/C issues which started last October. The ultimate culprit was that the 7.5A heater fuse was blown.
2020-07-27 163208 Replaced Air Filter
2020-02-15 162791 Replaced Front and Rear Brake Pads, Wear Sensors, Rotors; Front Wheel Bearings/Races ThermoQuiet MX345 Pads
2016-09-03 154093 Replaced Fuel Pump