1970 VW Beetle Restoration Project

This is the official Restoration Log website for brothers Matt and Dave's epic journey, bringing our Grandma's 1970 Beetle back to life!

May 2000 - First attempts at the "restoration" begin. Of course, we were just little kids back then (15 and 13, respectively), but we did what we could!

May 2010 - Towed the Bug to Tallahassee to continue restoration and was briefly Dave's daily driver.

November 2011 - Towed the Bug to Macclenny as it became infeasible for Dave to continue working on it in Tallahassee. Continued to travel to Macclenny to work on it over the next couple years.

November 2013 - Towed the Bug to Matt's house in Middleburg. Parked in Matt's garage, so luckily it will be in a protected environment now!

February 2017 - Major restoration officially begins! We took the body off the chassis, and plan to rebuild the Bug from the ground-up - including replacing the floorpans.